Vishudda - The Throat Chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means 'Wheel' or 'Vortex' - There is ample information on internet about this and I invite you to please do some research if you are new to this: my purpose here is to simply provide you with some focus and a guideline, with the view to working on generic (and individual) core issues during our group sessions.

See more information about how I work.

I am listing below the Core Issues that might result from a blockage in each specific energy centre.


Before you  join us for a Evolutionary Healing Group do take some time to reflect on these issues and see if they are relevant to you in any way. You are welcome to come with a diary and write down/highlight what you might want addressed for yourself. This is a journey that is never linear but the power of your own intention and awareness is key!

Thank you and welcome!


Ether element.

Colour Blue


Ability to communicate and express ourselves

Essential oils:





Blue quartz



  • hypo or hyper thyroid

  • stiff neck, jaw problems TMJ

  • laryngitis

  • strep infections

  • tooth and gum problems

  • hearing loss, tinnitus

  • toxicity in the body

  • poor communication

  • inability to think abstractly and to use symbolic thinking

  • interrupting others

  • poor rhythm

  • tone deaf

  • weak voice

  • introverted, shy

  • poor listener

  • anxious and nervous

  • restless

  • sending mixed messages

  • lying

  • yelling and verbally abusing

  • dominating conversation

  • gossiping

  • resonant voice

  • healthy thyroid gland

  • excellent metabolism

  • strong in the upper body

  • flexible neck

  • good oral health

  • clear communication

  • excellent listener

  • symbolic thinking

  • great rhythm (dancing, singing, or composing music)

  • peaceful and calm

  • able to listen to others

  • thinks before speaks

  • creativity flows with ease

  • accesses the state of "flow"

  • sensitive to others

  • friendly and open

  • aware of subtle energies

  • congruent

  • connected to deeper parts of self

  • truthful

  • pure

  • living in truth

  • expressing the spirit within


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