Manipura - The Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means 'Wheel' or 'Vortex' - There is ample information on internet about this and I invite you to please do some research if you are new to this: my purpose here is to simply provide you with some focus and a guideline, with the view to working on generic (and individual) core issues during our group sessions.

See more information about how I work.

I am listing below the Core Issues that might result from a blockage in each specific energy centre.


Before you  join us for a Evolutionary Healing Group do take some time to reflect on these issues and see if they are relevant to you in any way. You are welcome to come with a diary and write down/highlight what you might want addressed for yourself. This is a journey that is never linear but the power of your own intention and awareness is key!

Thank you and welcome!


  • healthy digestion

  • strong core body

  • healthy eating habits

  • vibrant and energetic

  • radiating health

  • physical strength

  • mental courage

  • intellect

  • ability to assimilate knowledge

  • pro-active

  • reason

  • responsible, reliable

  • healthy self-esteem

  • warmth in personality

  • confidence

  • sense of humor, playfulness

  • sense of personal power

  • balanced emotionally

  • healthy ego strength

  • deep self-knowledge

  • deep personal power stemming from intrinsic value

  • freedom of choice

  • open to the greater life, the Spirit

  • fearlessness

  • sensing everything is a lesson for personal and spiritual growth


  • hypoglycemia, diabetes

  • chronic fatigue

  • hypertension

  • digestive disorders

  • disorders of liver, pancreas, and gall bladder

  • fibromyalgia

  • cynicism

  • sarcasm

  • confusion

  • blaming of others

  • competitive

  • need to have the last word

  • selfishness, self-centeredness

  • shame

  • domination, manipulation

  • stubbornness

  • low self-esteem

  • temper tantrums

  • stuck in ego

  • unable to see/feel connection with the greater life

  • fear of death

  • feelings of worthlessness

  • unable to accept spiritual lessons

Fire element.

Colour yellow

Upper abdomen

Confidence and control



Essential oils:






Tiger's eye

Yellow jasper

Yellow calcite

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