Sahasrara - The Crown Chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means 'Wheel' or 'Vortex' - There is ample information on internet about this and I invite you to please do some research if you are new to this: my purpose here is to simply provide you with some focus and a guideline, with the view to working on generic (and individual) core issues during our group sessions.

See more information about how I work.

I am listing below the Core Issues that might result from a blockage in each specific energy centre.


Before you  join us for a Evolutionary Healing Group do take some time to reflect on these issues and see if they are relevant to you in any way. You are welcome to come with a diary and write down/highlight what you might want addressed for yourself. This is a journey that is never linear but the power of your own intention and awareness is key!

Thank you and welcome!


Cosmic energy

Colour Violet or white

Top of the head

Spiritual connection

Completeness and beauty

Essential oils:




Clear quartz




  • diseases and imbalances of the brain / skull / Cortex

  • amnesia

  • headaches at the crown of the head

  • learning disabilities

  • materialistic

  • greedy

  • dominates others

  • stuck in one way of thinking

  • invalidates beliefs of others

  • cognitive delusions and impairment

  • slow learner

  • over intellectualizes

  • psychosis

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • confusion, frustration

  • dissociation

  • apathy

  • feelings of isolation

  • depression

  • lack of inspiration

  • feeling ungrounded

  • unable to understand deeper truth and connection

  • disconnected from the witness

  • spiritual abuse, denial, or addiction

  • "dark night of the soul"

  • spiritual crisis

  • fragmentation


  • healthy nervous system

  • sharp mind

  • excellent cognitive skills

  • excellent overall health

  • healthy reflexes and responses to changes in environment (e.g. healthy stress response)

  • connected to the body physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

  • able to perceive, analyze and assimilate information

  • intelligent

  • curious, wants to learn

  • open minded, likes to question

  • imaginative

  • introspective

  • feels the unity of all things

  • intuitive and perceptive

  • sensitive

  • wisdom and mastery

  • spiritually connected

  • aware

  • emotionally balanced

  • peaceful, calm

  • joyful

  • connected with heaven and grounded here on earth

  • deep wisdom

  • expanded awareness

  • oneness with the Divine

  • transcendence of boundaries that keep us separate

  • spiritual freedom

  • wholeness

  • unity state of consciousness

  • seeing the big picture

  • connected to spirit and soul

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